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"Econtech Pty Ltd was established in 1994 and adopted the trading name of Independent Economics in 2011. This trading name reflects our commitment to robust, independent economic analysis. I invite you to read more about our history."
Chris Murphy, Director, Independent Economics.

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Independent Economics is a leading independent provider of economic modelling services. We assist clients through model-informed economic policy analysis and forecasting. For some clients we provide reports on modelling that we undertake, while for others we develop and support models that they use themselves. Our modelling has an economy-wide focus. We are strongly committed to independent economic modelling that provides leading-edge analysis and real solutions to meet client needs. In Australia, we provide services relating to tax policy, labour markets and macro policy and forecasts. We also provide services internationally.

Chris Murphy, who is a well known modeller, policy analyst and forecaster, is the Director of Independent Economics. He and the rest of the Independent team have developed a suite of Independent Australian economic models. These policy and forecasting models are used in a wide variety of client work, including to model tax reform options, to model labour market policies, including for migration and education, and to provide macroeconomic analysis. Internationally, Independent Economics provides services to the Governments of Singapore, Malaysia and Abu Dhabi, constructing and supporting national economic models.