Our History

Econtech Pty Ltd was founded in 1994 by Chris Murphy, a leading economic modeller, and former Director of Access Economics. Our history is as follows.

1994 to July 2008

Econtech Pty Ltd begins operating as a boutique economic modelling practice. It develops a reputation in Australia for its industry modelling, tax modelling, and macroeconomic modelling and forecasting. It comes to particular prominence with its robust modelling of the effects of the introduction of the GST in 2000. Econtech Pty Ltd builds an international reputation, providing modelling services to the Governments of Singapore and Malaysia.

August 2008 to June 2011

Chris, through Econtech Pty Ltd, provides modelling services exclusively for KPMG in a 3-year contract that was successfully completed in June 2011.

from October 2011

Econtech Pty Ltd adopts the trading name of Independent Economics. This reflects our commitment to robust, independent economic analysis. We provide robust analysis and real solutions to meet the needs of all of our clients.

Internationally, Independent provides services to the Governments of Singapore and Malaysia, constructing and supporting national economic models.

For our Australian clients, our suite of Independent Australian economy-wide models is used in providing policy and forecasting services.

For more information, email our office.

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