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Econtech Pty Ltd, trading as Independent Economics, is strongly committed to independent economic modelling that provides robust analysis and real solutions for taxation policy.

Taxation of Offshore Dividends:
August 2015 report to ANZ

ANZ commissioned Independent Economics to model reform to current dividend taxation rules for offshore investment by Australian Multi-National Companies (MNCs). Our report estimates the economic impacts of the 2003 Board of Taxation proposal for a 20 per cent tax rebate for dividends paid from foreign sources by Australian MNCs.

ANZ drew on our report in its latest ANZ Insight Report: "Winning the away game: Australian-based global companies and the economy".

Access the reports

Access the ANZ Insight report "Winning the away game" (ANZ web-site).

Access the Independent Economics modelling report "Taxation of Offshore Dividends".

Tax Modelling Approach

Our work modelling taxation policies in Australia often uses our Independent Extended CGE model.

Other Taxation Policy reports

  • "Tax Reform and Housing", HIA, 2015.
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